Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life on the move.

Yep, my life is changing in a major way, again. *sigh* We're moving back to Australia. We're down to two weeks until the house is packed up and we board a plane for Sydney. I'm surprised I managed to get much done other than packing but I did. Yay me! I've been madly trying to finish a short story for an anthology call, it's almost done and then it'll be off to the CP's and finally to the publisher before the Jan 1st deadline. (fingers crossed)

Anyway, here's the reviews I did last month.

Anybody But Justin by Shelli Stevens - Review
Luck Be Delanie by Shelli Stevens - Review
Protecting Phoebe by Shelli Stevens - Review
Redline Lover by Charlene Teglia - Review
Uncovered by Linda Winfree - Review

Back to packing.