Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time for a change.

Okay, so I'm trying to give this blog a new look and it's not working. Well, it is; just not the way I want it to. So don't be surprise if you come back and it's different. Again. Be patient with me while I go get some spray to get rid of all the bugs. There are a few changes to the sidebar but I think it works a little better. I like the new look, now if I could just get it to do exactly what I want.....
My new CP is working out great so far. I think I've got a big foot because I said she really needed to get her blog a little more happening and she has. Mari's just such a busy person that I think the blog was just one more thing to get to later. But if you're serious about being a writer you need to have a place where people can 'see' you. Whether that's reader, other authors or editors, you need people to be able to find you and info on what you've done, doing and planning to do.
I've made a special section in the sidebar just for my two wonderful CP's, who have both been doing such a wonderful job of kicking my butt this week with the edit/polish of On A Wing And A Prayer. (I need it.) Go over and check them out.
Mari has a new book coming out later in the year, but right now you can get Erotic Research from Samhain Publishing. (I've added some e-book publishers to the sidebar too) I'll let you know when we get the details of her next book. Oh, and any other great news she has.
Devon is busy writing her next book. Having her first contract does not mean she gets to rest. No, it's bum in seat, fingers on keyboard, madly getting the next book written. As soon as we have some news on a release date and cover for her first book I'll post it here.
Other than procrastinating, hence the new blog theme, I'm editing/polishing. LOL

There are two choices. You can make a living or you can design a life. - Jim Ruhn

Rachel C

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Go Devon, go Devon, go Devon!

Devon Gray got a contract!
The Wild Rose Press have offered Devon a contract for Addicted. The book is great as you know because I already blogged about it, but now everyone will know about it. Obviously she having trouble breathing but once she stops hyperventilating I'll get all the details. It'll take a while before we know when it'll be released or get a cover but you can guarantee you'll see it here. Pop over to see her blog and have a read of her Squeeeeee post.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oooo.... I have a new friend!

Okay, so I've got heaps of friends and probably don't need another one to play with but this one is special. And no I did not replace the Hubby! On the Samhaincafe loop the other day the question of critique partners came up, not having a dedicated one I kept an eye on things. Yes I have Devon but she had Bev before me and I'm a third wheel, which is good because the more opinions the better, well not too many but you get what I mean. So I still have Devon but I really need to find myself a front row CP. So as usual, not back in coming forward I started trying to find a web address for this particular author. Couldn't find one. What to do, what to do? I know, I'll be real polite (no comments from the peanut gallery) and email her off loop, I didn't want to through the loop because, well not sure of the rules on that one. Off went my lonely little email. Bye, bye. Damn I hope I did the right thing! Then someone yelled dinner and well I had to eat, we'd walked the whole of China Town today. Of course the minute I'm finished I'm back at the computer and damn if dinner isn't going to make another appearance because there a return email. Nervously I open it up. Fingers shaking, you know I've suddenly come to the conclusion that I might need resuscitation if I ever get a book contract. And what does the email say?
"You've made my day!"
I've made her day? OMG! She's keen to try. Which let me explain, is what happens when looking for a CP, you have to try to see if you fit. Some people just aren't going to work well together while others are better than chocolate dipped strawberries. We've exchanged a little info about ourselves in these two emails so I closed my eyes, held my nose and dove right in. I sent her some of Heartthrob. Well all of it, there ain't much to it yet, but as I said we need to try each other out so we start slow and go from there. Mind you I just popped over to her blog and I have to say I like so far. I like a lot. Anyway, we'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted and how I feel about the process. I mean I'm not real good at sharing my writing, I'm getting better but I need to get even better. Actually, I think I have because I didn't even blink when I sent Heartthrob over.
By now you're wondering who this person is and I think I'll put you out of your misery. (This bits scary because she's already got her first book out there!) Her name is Mari Carr and her first book came out last month at Samhain Publishing (I can't even remember if there's a link on the sidebar so here it is anyway ) Look for Erotic Research, oh bugger it, here's the link to the actual book;
Go check it out, I missed it when it came through FAR, wasn't quick enough. I tell ya you would think being an Angel would help me get what I want but nooooo.... sometimes the feathers fly!
Okay, it's getting late and Hubby just turned the lights off. I think it's a hint.

You can never have too many friends.

Rachel C

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finally here!

Finally! It's taken me a few days but I'm back. We got back from Bangkok last Friday but with the kids all coming in from school camps, Corki's 14th birthday, Tim getting his braces on and the hamsters breeding while we were away I've been flat out. I won't mention the 387 emails I came back to or the end of month madness at FAR. I've blogged about Bangkok over at head over and check it out. I'm definitely heading back to Bangkok at some stage, need to do research. I love the way that inspiration strikes when you least expect it. I'm not going into detail because it's still floating around in my head and other than a couple of notes the idea isn't quite fully formed yet. I'll let you know when it does.
Devon still hasn't heard from the editor but they asked for revisions, which she did and sent back at the end of last week so hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to tell you more. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed but I don't think she needs it. If TWRP aren't interested someone else will be.
Not much in the way of writing but I have been reading for me, yay, and of course reviewing. End of month this week so things are a bit frantic and I'd neglected a couple of books, naughty me. So the last couple of days has been reading and reviewing. It's tough, but someones got to do it. LOL
Later I'll be putting a blog on the new group blog I'm a member of and I'll be doing some of my own writing. About bloody time! I swear these people don't shut up and if they do there's always someone else waiting to have their say.

We all know our ideas can be crazy, but are they crazy enough? - Kobi Yamada

Rachel C

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heading away for a few days.

I'm going out of town with Hubby for a few days. Not sure what my Internet access will be like so I thought I'd quickly catch you up on the writing before I go.
In the last two days I've pumped out over 4,000 words on Flash Point. A lot I've done in word sprints with my cyber-buddies Sandie and Diane. We have so much fun working 15 or 30 minute sprints and before you know it your word count is screaming along.
I plan to take lots of pix while I'm away so I'll blog some when I get back.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone.

Make the most of every minute, they're all precious.

Rachel C

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thank you.

I wanted to say thank you to all who wished me well with this latest health issue I've had to address. I'm pleased to tell you all that even though I'm not out of the woods yet I'm walking along a clearly marked path and the weather is good, we're equipped with all the necessary gear if it turns bad. At this point it's a watch and wait scenario.
So things have been busy on a personal front, we've got three kids heading of to school camps this week, two have already gone, and I'm heading to Bangkok for three days to visit a friend and her 1 year old daughter. I haven't seen Jade since she was 6 months old so I'm looking forward to that, oh, plus the shopping. Ann always knows the best places to shop.
I've been reading and reviewing and I finished with the judging last week so on Saturday I took some time to read a book I'd actually bought! I can't remember when the last book I read was one I'd purchased. Anyway, I read Discovering Dani by NJ Walters, (her website is in the sidebar) it's the first in her Jamesville series. I have the others and there's a new one coming out soon so of course I'll be buying that. I loved it, I wanted to start the next one straight away but I couldn't find it on the PC. Talk about panic mode. I even went into my account at My Bookstore and More to see if I'd really bought it, I had so the search was on. I found it this morning. On the laptop. Not sure how it missed going onto the USB or how it missed being transferred to the PC. I think I'll start it later today, after I do some writing.
Speaking of writing, I've been involved with some wonderful Aussie writers since last years Nano and we thought we might like to get together and do our own writing challenge, so Rachael asked who would like to join us and at last count there's about 30 of us. Which reminds me, we named out challenge. 50ks in 30 days. Yeah, we're heading for the magical 50,000 words in a month, we're doing it in June. Which for me might be a bit of a problem because the 14th is my 20th wedding anniversary and Hubby and I are off to a tropical island resort for a honeymoon, and before anyone says don't you mean second honeymoon, no! We never had a honeymoon. So we'll be going on our honeymoon. Back to the June challenge, we've started a blog, and if you're keen to join us pop over there and leave a comment. We'll be leaving interesting posts and some of our seasoned Nano participants are going to drop buy and tell us about their experiences.
My own writing is going well, I've had a new character pop up, never good when the bus is already so crowded but she's caught in a very interest situation and her story needs to be told. Flash Point is coming along well and I'll update some word counts after this.
Well back to get some writing done so I can reward myself with NJ's next book.

Wide-awake, I can make my most fantastic dreams come true. - Lorentz Hart

Rachel C

Friday, April 11, 2008

Great news!

If you read my last post you'll know my good Buddie Devon has been playing with a publisher. Well, no more playing! It's now serious. The Wild Rose Press have requested the full MS! YAY!!!
Excuse me while I dance around the room.
Right, so what does this mean? First she has to send the full MS, then she has to wait again. Yeah, lots of waiting in the publishing game. Anyway, this request is NOT a contract. But it does mean that they really liked Addicted. Woohooo.... Told you it was good. After she sends the MS and waits, she'll either get a thanks but no thanks, OOOORRRR, a contract!!!!!
This so exciting and it's not even me! I'm a basket case for her imagine what I'll be like when it's my turn.
I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Getting in on the ground floor.

I've had the pleasure of reading a MS by my best Cyber-Buddie Devon Gray. Addicted is a piece she started out of no where and couldn't stop. I'm so glad she couldn't. I remember her being a little concerned by it as the style is different to her norm and getting to read the first bit to give her my opinion. I think I may have threaten bodily harm if she didn't keep going. Good thing too, Addicted was finished the other day and Devon sent it over. I think if this is not Devon's normal style she needs to rethink her style cause this thing rocks! Yep. It's hot and deep an such a great read. She's already had an editor friend have a look and she agrees with me on the rocking score. Once it's been read through and all spelling/grammar errors removed Devon will be sending it off to a publisher. It's gonna sell. There's no way they'll let this thing get away. I can't wait to see it up on a website, whether Devon's or the publishers, it won't matter. I love Devon to pieces but right now I think I hate her. LOL I've said from the beginning she'd be published and now I have to follow it up with getting published as well. It's kind of like a lucky charm thing. She gets published, I get published. I get published, she gets published. So now one of us is that much closer the other one has to put her head down and bum in the hot seat and follow.
Damn! She's gonna be a hard act to follow.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Growing old gracefully.

You know I'm a firm believer in growing old gracefully, none of this plastic surgery or miracle turn back the clock creams for me. No sir. But you know if my body throws one more getting old thing at me I just might throw it out the 11th floor window. Only knowing my luck I'd bloody survive! A week ago last Monday Hubby and I toddled off to the doctors for these youbutesuperdooper health checks. Now we know I have the bone thing going on and the little trip to the hospital last year for the stomach thing, well now it seems I've got a female plumbing thing going on as well. I know, everyone's cringing, no one wants to hear about my plumbing problems. I'm with ya, I don't want to hear about it either. I've no plans to go into details I just wanted to explain where I'd been the last week. So back to Monday week ago, off we go having eaten nothing from the night before, or had a morning cuppa. I have to say right there is where the problem is. No morning cuppa!!! So off we go, we get weighed, measured, poked, prodded, listened to and drained of enough blood to feed a vampire colony for a month. They were nice enough to feed us breakfast, mind you it was the least they could offer. So Hubby comes out and well we all know he's got weight issues, only now the doctor says, 'you've got weight issues' and he's listening more carefully. The doc says everything looks good for me make your follow up appointment before you leave. So we make our appointment for the 24th April. There I am in my own little world, started the multi-vitamins the doc recommended and I'm feeling good. Until Thursday. That's when my little world imploded. The nice receptionist asked if I could come in to see the doctor next week because of some of my results. Sure, when. Thursday. End of phone call. What?!?! What results? What's wrong? What can't wait two extra weeks? Now for those that haven't got the picture yet, I'm a writer! I write fiction, that's made up stuff. I have a very good imagination. The damn thing went wild. I've spent the last week locked inside my own head and I have to tell you, it's scary in there! Basically I closed all the windows, drew the blinds and sat in the dark corner of my mind where no bad things could get me. Well, no more than were already in there anyway. The upshot is I have significant cell changes and need to see a specialist. Cell changes for me would come under significant so when the doctor says they're significant changes what the hell does that mean? Cause for me I'm thinking things are gonna have to come out. I don't want any changes, I don't need any changes! GET THEM OUT!! But noooo, it just means another doctor who will look into it further, charge me more money and then probably tell me I'm okay, lets just watch and see what happens. But I'm getting ahead of myself again and that bloody imagination is tearing off down the road and hitting all the potholes. So I'm taking a breath and going with the everything is fine because when I get to the specialist next Friday, (yes a whole week away) I'm going to say take it out! I don't care what you say, I'm finished with it and changes are significant, significant changes suck!I digress again, this post was meant to tell you all where I'd been, so close your eyes and imagine the worst kind of hell you can think of and you'll find me in the corner. But now the doctor has opened a blind and let in some light things don't look so scary and I'm hopping up and opening the rest of the blinds today, and tomorrow I just might throw open the windows too.

Go on. I dare ya!

Go over to my other writing blog and check out the great post on never taking yourself too seriously. S.J. Willing is a futuristic erotic romance writer who had an interest answer to a reader question on one of the loops I belong to. Pop over to and check it out.

Laughter is the best medicine and I needed some today so when S.J. had me cracking up I had to share.

Rachel C

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How did I get here and why do I keep going?

How did I get here and why do I keep going?
It’s an interesting question and one I’m not sure I can answer well. You see I don’t know how I got here. Well I know how I got here, there’s my mum and my dad, and well you get the picture. I’m talking about how I became a writer and I’ll be honest, I haven’t got a clue. I’ve always done it. Whether stories, poetry or just random thoughts, I’ve always written. Now the question of how I decided that’s what I’d be when I grew up is confusing. I don’t recall making the decision, ever. But here I am tapping away at the keys of my computer and writing with pen and paper. Always. And if I’m not writing I’m thinking about writing. I’m always thinking. That explains why I don’t sleep very well and why I’m always tired, so why am I still here and why do I keep going? I guess it comes back to the always writing and thinking. At the risk of sounding insane, there are just too many people in my head. They’ve got to come out or I’ll be pulling out my hair and heading for the alcohol. I can be doing anything when scenes start rolling in my head, that’s what it’s like, I’ll suddenly have front row seats to someone else’s life. I don’t plan; in fact when I try to plan those pesky characters never go along with me. I’m sure they do it on purpose. I guess the answer to why I’m still here is that I can’t not be here. It’s who I am and what I do and whether it ever leads me to publication remains to be seen but even if it doesn’t I’ll still be here. Writing. And even when life throws things at me that make me want to quit I know I’d never be able to because I’ll never be able to stop writing. I stopped for years when the kids were young and as soon as I started again it was like an avalanche, pouring out of me. Most of it was crap and will never find its way out of the bottom draw but it was the beginning of what was to be my trip down the publication road. The road is bumpy, has detours, potholes and all sorts of debris lying on it but I keep going. Through rain, hail, sleet and snow, and of course the wonderful sunshine. Even when I feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world and dragging my feet I keep going because no matter what gets in the way or what I have to carry with me the dream is always there. And without that dream I wouldn’t be me.

Keep you dreams alive. They're who you are.

Rachel C