Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stranger than fiction?!

Love, laughter, tears, depression, sadness, vomiting on laptops, hating your parents, nasty letters and emails. Sounds like a great book, right? Wrong! That's my life! It's real, it happened and OMG! stop the bus I wanna get off!!!!!
So the love and laughter were for me and Hubby while we were away. We had a great time, lazing by the pool, going to the spa, and just doing what we wanted. I should have known I'd pay for it.
We arrived home to a missing child. Yep, no one knew where she was. Great! Then Hubby found a letter in his draw from said child about how she hates her life here, hates her school, she's depressed and it's really great that you got what you want in life daddy but I hate mine. P.S. I love you. Umm......
By late Sunday evening we still were no closer to getting anywhere with said child when another one starts screaming from the bed room that the cat just vomited all over her laptop! What? What was he doing on your laptop? Needless to say this was not a good thing.
Then Monday I get and email from said child, 'I never want to talk to you again. Eva!'. What the...? What did I do? I replied of course but she wasn't talking to me. Duh! Finally got that it was all my fault and that I don't care about her because if I did I'd send her back to Australia to live. I just want her here to make her life hell. Well, yeah, because that certainly makes my life a bed of roses. Just watch the thorns.
Vomited on laptop still not working and we're madly trying to get it to function enough to back up the files. Yes, nothing backed up and all her school work and photographs are on there. One more Duh! moment.
Tuesday, girls taking a mental health day (sounds good doesn't it?) and we're off to get the laptop looked at. Thankfully we managed to get the stupid thing to work enough to back up the files and photos, but the keyboard wouldn't work at all. Well, jeez, I wonder why? It's not like it got drowned in cat spew! What was I thinking?
Mental health day went well. Lots of talking between the girls (I'm included here) and nasty email writing child is a little more stable. At least I hope she is, she knows where the knives are kept. Laptop got fixed, yay! New keyboard required and I have to say those little things are amazing, they just pop right out and a new one pops right in. Oh, there's a couple of screws. But anyway, it was still under warranty! No cost! Thank you very much. Good thing too because girly is off to Australia for 4 weeks on Friday and she can't go without it!!! Oh, the horror!
Wednesday, all at school, mum finally able to breathe. Now to catch up on all the things that got put on hold.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taking a break.

I won't bore anyone with the dramas of my life, but really, did someone drop me into a daytime soap opera and not tell? I've been working on Rhian's re-writes and the latest wip so I haven't been completely unproductive, I just haven't been all that productive. I have managed to get to nearly 9,000 words for the 50ksIn30days which I'm happy with considering the number of actual days I've written.
I'm pulling out an old wip that I plan to write under Rachel Charlton but it's a single title so don't expect to see it any time soon. But I'm doing something with it that I never thought I'd do. Plotting! Yep, I have to. The wip in actually a two story one and I need to get the bits and pieces straight before I start with the writing again. You know, time lines, characters that appear in both books. Lots of work I think. Just need to bite the bullet and do it.
On a brighter note, Saturday is my 20th wedding anniversary. I know, I don't look old enough to have been married that long. LOL We're leaving the kids behind, in the capable hands of the oldest, for 4 days of relaxing by the pool. We're not going far, just across the water to Batam, an island of Indonesia. I'm planning on writing and reading. If you're lucky I might post some pix when I get back.
Have a great weekend.

Rachel C

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seven days of mind numbing activity.

It's been a week since I posted anything here, and it was a productive one for the most part. I'm writing up a storm on Rhian's latest wip, Lux. I've done over 6,000 words on that one in the last seven days. The editor got back to me about On A Wing And A Prayer, she's asked for some changes and I'll be getting to those soon. I promise. I got that email last Saturday but by then I was into my third day of a pulled back and headache. I quick trip out with Hubby and an even quicker slip on a wet floor and I really pulled my back. Sunday? Migraine city! Damn I love that place! NOT!!!! Sunday of course was the 1st of June and the start of the 50ksIn30days challenge, so with the help of some pills I battled through to do 2,000 words. Not bad considering. By Monday I was in so much pain I could quite happily have committed murder. Luckily kids were in school hubby was at work and at home son went off for a job interview. Ahhhh... peace. More drugs, sleep, some more pills (and by now I think I rattled when I moved, not that I was moving) and I managed to write another 2,000 words. Woohooo...... go me!!
Ah...... No. Not go me. I read them today, those 2,000 words from yesterday, and let's just say that they were.... well.... interesting?! I'm not sure how to describe them other than I had no idea I was writing a fantasy. No, really, if what I'd written was even remotely salvageable I'd do it but nope, sorry, in the trash. But at least I tried, right. Right?
Oh, well back to it.

Rachel C