Monday, July 28, 2008

Fallen Angel Reviews Update.

FAR went live with the monthly update last weekend, you can find all the great reviews and author interviews, as well as a heap of other goodies on the site.
Last month I did 15 reviews, passing the 100th book reviewed. The lucky #100 was A Legal Affair by NJ Walters, a great book that I did give a RR (Recommended Read) to. I thought I'd give you all the links to the reviews so you can check them out for yourself, but while you're there you should check out the FAR site.

Oh Yum! - Young Stud by Ruth D. Kerce - Review
A Psychic Hitch by Bekki Lynn - Review
Make U Sweat by Amie Stuart - Review
Taking Control by Jamie Hill - Review
Undeniable by Lexie Davis - Review
Roughing It by Vonna Harper - Review
Beyond The Valley by Destiny Blaine - Review
Who Needs Another Superhero? by R.G. Alexander - Review
Backtrack: The Huntsmen by Amber Green - Review
Letting Luce by Jenny Gilliam - Review
A Little Slice Of Heaven by Gina Ardito - Review
Something About That Lady by Carol McPhee - Review
Living Lies by Dawn Brown - Review
Vampire Knights - Blood Vengeance by Bronwyn Lee - Review
A Legal Affair by N.J. Walters - Review

That's quiet a list for last month, I doubt that I'll get as many this month as my life seems to have imploded on a personal level. Hopefully it'll get better soon. I won't bore you with any details but I will say everyone is healthy, unless I decide killing them is the only option, and I'm not sure why I'm not an alcoholic. LOL

Rachel C

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blast from the past.

Months ago now, and I feel really slack for not getting it up here sooner, I won Karen Erickson's Fortune's Deception, I promised to blog about it when I read it and I never did. Sorry. So now here I am blogging about this great fun read. And why might you ask am I blogging about it now, well, I've been thinking about doing a blog on books I've read for myself on not for FAR for a while and today I learned that Karen has signed the contract for the second book in the wonderful series, Fortune's Promise. Yay!!! Anyway, back to why we're here.

Winning the lottery changes her life forever…in more ways than one
One minute Brittney Jones is living paycheck to paycheck, and the next she and three friends win a record-breaking lottery jackpot. Sure, she’s spent some money on herself—after her rough childhood, she figures she deserves a few indulgences, big and small.
To financial advisor Charlie Manning, his client Brittney is a shallow beauty out to spend all of her money. He thinks she should rein it in. She thinks he should loosen up, and resolves to help him do just that—in a very naughty way.
The passion between them burns hot and fast, and Charlie comes to realize Brittney’s heart is as big as her newly fattened bank account. She’s not only smart, but beautiful and sexy. And he can’t resist her.
Still, Charlie is aware that Brittney’s keeping secrets from him. If only she would trust him enough to tell the truth!
Fortune's Deception is available from Samhain Publishing and is a great book. I'm hanging out now for the second one, it's not out until Jan '09!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhh...........
Rachel C

Monday, July 14, 2008

Make the most of every second.

This is the kid! He's the one that inspired the title today. My youngest is what I like to refer to as high maintenance. VERY high maintenance. He doesn't stop. If he's sitting still his mouth is flappin'. Yep, that's my boy, always ready to dive right in and give it a go. He makes the most of every second, and so he should, the damn kid is lucky to be here, three strikes your out rule doesn't apply to my boy. He's beat the odds three times now, and I'm sure there'll plenty more times in the future he'll push the boundaries too.
So taking a leaf out of his book I'm put some excerpts up on my other blogs. Go here for Rachel's romantic suspense and here for Rhian's erotic romance. After you've read them be sure to leave me a comment, I always love to know what you think.
We had a great weekend, we had home made Big Macs for dinner last night. They were yummy and tasted just like the real thing. Hope your weekend was good and you week gets better.

Rachel C

Friday, July 11, 2008

The rock I hide under.

This is obviously not one of my pix but it shows our condo complex. If you want to see a real pic head over to here or here. So this is where I live, we're on the 11th floor on the end of the left building, basically as far left as the building goes. They're 30 stories high. (shuddering)
An author friend, Sami Lee is guest blogging over at the FAR Blog today, head over here and leave her a comment.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Rachel C

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A quick hello and goodbye.

Damn! I lost a day! Here's the pix I promised, hello and goodbye. The top is sunrise, the bottom sunset. Gotta love the views from my place. I'll be back on deck tomorrow with something more entertaining. Maybe.
Rachel C

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Day After Tomorrow??

Ever seen the movie The Day After Tomorrow? I tell ya, some of the storms that head our way are downright scary. This one even had a mini twister that we could actually see touching the water! And yes, I have heaps of photos of it.
This past weekend saw me complete my 100th review for FAR. I can't talk about the book yet because we're not allowed to talk about them until they go live on the site at the end of each month. I've decided to start posting the links to my reviews here each month to let you all know what books I've reviewed in the previous month. But first, let me go back in time......

Soul Master - Reese Gabriel - Ellora's Cave
Cabin Fever - Shelli Stevens - Cobblestone Press
Rain Fell Down - Lexie Davis - Total-e-bound
36 Exposures - Linda Mooney - Amazon Shorts
Pregnancy Plan - Tina Gayle - The Wild Rose Press
The Bride Wore Boots - JT Schultz - Whiskey Creek Press
Craving Kismet - Jamie Craig - Samhain Publishing
Yours For The Taking - Karen Erickson - Cobblestone Press
Coaches' Wives - C.D. Conejo - eXtasy Books
Scout'n'Cole - Ciana Stone - Ellora's Cave
Best Laid Plans - Bronwyn Green - Cerridwen Press
One To Grow On - Caitlyn Willows - Amber Quill Press
Something Wild - Sable Grey - Cobblestone Press
Primal Attraction - Shelli Stevens - Cobblestone Press
Scorpio Tattoo - Jude Mason - Phaze
Angela's Abduction - JoJo Brown - eXtasy Books
Guarding The Coast - Samantha Gail - eXtasy Books
Rose Petals Anthology Volume 1 - Various - The Wild Rose Press
Far From Montana - Penny Ash - Liquid Silver Books
Last Chance - Kit Wylde - Freya's Bower
Tamara's Spirit - Nicole Austin - Samhain Publishing
In The Blink Of An Eye - Catherine Stang - Whiskey Creek Press
A Healing Passion - Samantha Lucas - Cobblestone Press
Double Deutsch - Shayla Kersten - The Wild Rose Press
A Stranger's Bed - Sophia Rae - The wild Rose Press
Ridley's Rival - Dawne Dominique - Love You Divine
Again - Adrienne Kama - Ellora's Cave
The Black rose - Skyler Grey - Red Rose Publishing
Reach Out And Touch Someone - Pearl Jones - Aspen Mountain Press
Risking It All - Anna Leigh Keaton - Cobblestone Press
Baby It's Cold Outside - Ellen Addie - Phaze
Undying Passions - Amy Mistretta - Samhain Publishing
Ranch Hideout - Julia Daniels - Cerridwen Press
Winter's Daughter - J.C. Wilder - Samhain Publishing
Jesse's Challenge - Nicole Austin - Samhain Publishing
Sweet Serenity - Catherine Stang - Whiskey Creek Press
Crossing The Line - Catherine Stang - Whiskey Creek Press
Two For The Money - Leigh Wyndfield - Loose Id
Eliza's Copper Penny - Ciara Gold - Champagne Books
Foxfire - Carol Ann Erhardt - The Wild Rose Press
Too Good To Be True - Marie-Nicole Ryan - Samhain Publishing
Chasing Phoenix - Christine d'Ado - Ellora's Cave
Familiar Strangers - Keziah Hill - Cobblestone Press
Home To Stay - Jane Leopold Quinn - Loose Id
Dangerous Grounds - Shelli Stevens - Samhain Publishing
The Pirate And The Puritan - Mary Clayton - The Wild Rose Press
Enough - Nicole Austin - Ellora's Cave
Beware Of The Cowboy - Mari Freeman - Ellora's Cave
Restless - Nicole Austin - Ellora's Cave
A Delicious Taboo - Jennifer Cole - Dark Eden Press
Playing To Win - Shelley Munro - Cerridwen Press
Spin Some More - Red Garnier - Ellora's Cave
Bareback - Amber Green - Loose Id
Court Appointed - Annmarie McKenna - Samhain Publishing
Sarah's Brass Token - Ciara Gold - Champagne Books
Night Wolf - Karen Erickson - Amber Quill Press
What Mattered Most - Linda Winfree - Samhain Publishing
Shaking Off The Dust - Rhianna Samuels - Samhain Publishing
Who Wants To Date A Superhero? - R.G. Alexander - Ellora's Cave
The Preacher's Daughters 2: Witching Hours - Sheri Gilmore - Loose Id
Breaking Skye - Eden Bradley - Phaze
The Seduction Of Cassidy Flint - Samantha Lucas - Siren Publishing
Fancy Free - Shelley Munro - Ellora's Cave
I Love Lacy - Lillian Feisty - Ellora's Cave
Anything But Mine - Linda Winfree - Samhain Publishing
Sidelined By Love - Ana Aragon - The Wild Rose Press
High Voltage - Calista Fox - Red Sage Publishing
Cowgirl Up And Ride - Lorelei James - Samhain Publishing
Between A Ridge And A Hard Place - Annmarie McKenna - Samhain Publishing
Nature's Pentacle - Eden Rivers - Loose Id
Baby Decision - Tina Gayle - Amira Press
Tempting Adam -Shelli Stevens - Samhain Publishing
Sand Angel - Mackenzie Mckade - Ellora's Cave
Bringo Springs - Laney Cairo - Torquere Press
Fly By Knight - Sahara Kelly - Ellora's Cave
Lila's Capture - Jade James - Loose Id
Halloween Heart-throbs: Witchy Woman - Karen Erickson - Total-e-bound
Deadly Sins I - Lexxie Couper/Eve Vaughn/Kira Stone - Changeling Press
Stay With Me - Maya Banks - Samhain Publishing
One Good Man - Lacey Thorn & Cindy Spencer Pape - Ellora's Cave
Bedside Manner - Sophia Rae - The Wild Rose Press
Absolutely Not - Daisy Dexter Dobbs - Ellora's Cave
Picture Perfect - Lexie Davis - Total-e-bound
A Taste For Jazz - Ciana Stone - Ellora's Cave
Deadly Dreams - Rie McGaha - Noble Romance Publishing
Too Tempting - Karen Erickson - Ellora's Cave
Devil's Dance - Scarlet Sanderson - The Wild Rose Press
Night Ride - Desiree Holt - The Wild Rose Press
One Night With You - Jane E. Jones - The Wild Rose Press
Coming Attractions - S.L. Carpenter & Sahara Kelly - Ellora's Cave

Whoa! That's a lot of books! It's not quite 100 but that's because there's a pile on the site waiting to go up in the end of July upload. As soon as they're live I'll post about them here.
By the way, if anyone's keen to do reviewing FAR is always looking for reviewers, pop over to the site and find out how.
I've linked to some authors and some publishers and some books, so go ahead and discover a whole new world of reading.

Rachel C

Monday, July 7, 2008

New ideas.

This is my office. It doesn't look like that at the moment, in fact I can't actually find my desk. I need to have a clean up but I'm busy, writing. Yep, getting lots done in the last few days, not as much as I was doing last month but we at the 50k blog have set a new challenge. Pick your own goal and log in with it, then each day come back and add what you did. Sounds simple, and it is, Sandie's calling it the page a day challenge but I'm going for 1000 words or 1 chapter edited. It's all up to you. We're starting today but I've been going since Saturday and so far I'm reaching my goal every day. Yay me!
I visit a few author blogs and over the last few weeks Linda Winfree (who's a great author by the way) has been posting pix of her recent holiday so I've decided to post pix in my posts from now on as a way of showing you all my part of the world. I've started with my work space because I couldn't decide what to post first. LOL But I've now decided that I'll do a week of the same area, so if I choose to do Singapore I'll post pix taken all over for that week. This week will be where we live.
Did you see the new widget I've got on the sidebar? I love Nora Roberts and this is a new thing for her so I just had to have it. If you're a fan grab on for your site, it's easy. Everyday it tells you something about her, it's really cool. I want on when I get that famous. LOL
Must go and get on with the day, yes it's nearly lunch time but we're on school holidays here so we're getting to sleep in and be lazy about getting up and going. Two more weeks then it's back to the 6am wake ups. sigh
Rachel C

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alive a kickin' butt!!!!

Yep, that's what I've done in the month of June. The 50ksIn30days challenge finished yesterday and during the month of June I wrote 100,015 words. I absolutely kicked butt! Of course I couldn't have done all that on one wip, I had to work on five which means none are finished. sigh
I know, I'm hopeless but I have discovered that when I put my mind to it I can write some serious word count numbers. Of course I'm not always in charge of my mind so hence the working on five wip's. The muse may be a hunky bloke but he's going to have to watch it or he's getting the sack and I'll high another muse to do his job.
Reviewing hasn't stopped and the FAR site went live with June's reviews over the weekend. I don't even know how many I did last month but you can find all the reviews here:
I'm steaming ahead with the writing and even though this month was hectic I've enjoyed it. I'm also pretty brain dead, but never fear I'm still writing. I plan to have a few things finished by the end of July and I'm sticking to the plan.

Rachel C