Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I survived my first writers convention.

Yes I'm alive! It was a close call but I made it. It got a little overwhelming but with the help of some great friends I made it through the week without any scars. A bit worse for wear and totally exhausted but it was one of the best weeks of my life. Of course getting to meet all my author friends from online for the first time in the flesh was THE best thing. I've blogged about it over at Rhian's blog and there's even a pic page that I'm slowly adding pix to. Got check it out HERE.

Now for last months Fallen Angel Reviews.

All I Want For Christmas by Kelly Jamieson - Review
Moon Madness by Mina Carter - Review
Tempting Tori by N.J. Waters - Review
The McCassey Brothers Trilogy Megabook by Lauren N. Sharman - Review
Hearts Afire March by Jade Morrison & Shaunta Grimes - Review

I'm hanging at my CP's house this week and it's great to be in the same room with Mari. She's just the best and we've done so much laughing I think my sides are bruised. I'm off to New York on Friday to meet Hubby and we'll be traveling around a bit but you can catch my updates on twitter
I'm freezing at the moment and I'm sure NY is only going to be colder. Glad I bought my big jacket with me.

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