Friday, November 23, 2007

Nano update.

Day 23 - 3,356 words. Taking the total to 15,739 words. Five chapters and I think 74 pages. If I keep up the pace I'll go close to making the 50,000 but at this point with only 7 days left I'll be happy to make the half way mark.

Keep the dream alive.



  1. Hi Rach, I only made it to 25K my first attempt at Nano. So just keep writing. Every extra word is precious. And you've done very well considering your health. See you at the end!

  2. Hi Rachel

    Just popping in to see who you're feeling. Keep going if you can you never know, I was feeling very down myself a couple of days ago.

    I think what you have achieve so far is fantastic, you're had such a crappy month with your health. But Hey you are still in the one line comp. WOWHOW.