Monday, December 3, 2007

Nano Update.

Nano is officially over. I'm pleased because now I don't have to spend every day feeling guilty about not having the energy to type. I've managed to get 22,143 words done. No quite half way. Oh well, better luck next year. I figure I've done about 15 hours solid writing in the whole 30 days, which is really disappointing but what can you do when everything conspires against you? Anyway, the show must go on, and is. A Wing And A Prayer is moving along nicely and will be finished, if not before Christmas then in the first weeks of January. The bonus to all of this is that the piece is still in the one line comp. We're down to 35 entries and of those there's about 6 or so Aussie's, me being one of them. I'm looking forward to tomorrow with excitement and trepidation, the results are posted on Monday evening each week but as we're ahead over here it's Tuesday my time.

Remember to smile. It costs nothing.


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