Thursday, December 6, 2007

Girl Power!

Today was a day off. Well not really, I did do a review and about 6 review edits with the help of Dana the trusty review editor. Then I went out for a girls day. Now you may recall the girls from a previous blog about our girls weekend in Vietnam, this time it was just the three of us that live here in Singapore. Jody the birthday girl had some how got hold of three freebies for a spa and Danielle the goddess of pampering had her hand in the air volunteering before Jody finished reading the fine print. So off we went to enjoy a morning of self indulgence. Now I have to say I learnt something today. Something as a writer I should have known. It's all in how you say it. Yep, what words you use to describe something is the most important thing. Let me explain.
45 minute de-stress and relaxation massage.
Translation - 45 minutes of me sticking my fingers in the tight muscles on you back until it hurts and the relaxation part is the end when I stop with the torture.
10 minute back scrub to exfoliate the dead skin and leave you with smooth, refreshed skin.
Translation - 10 minutes where I rub stuff into your back that feels and acts like sand paper, therefore removing the top three layers of skin to the barely formed layer beneath.
15 minute steam bath.
Translation - 15 minutes where I lock you in a room full of steam so you sweat your ass off and can't breath properly.
See? It's all in the words.
For instance, that last one, I swear it's what I know as a sauna but call it a steam bath and you can charge more money. And lets face it, would any of be lining up for these things if they were describe the second way? No, nope, no way.
So anyway, this got me thinking. What else could I describe in a different way that would make something that was appealing not, or vice versa? Mmmm.... Sounds like a good exercise to me.
Tomorrow, not today cause this is girls day, I'm going to sit down and try my new exercise. It might even be fun. Think about, for those of us that write it should be easy, how could you describe something differently and come up with two different feelings. Here's an example, sex. Think about the way you've written a sex scene in your wip, now re-write it. Use different words to give it a whole new feeling. You could have a scene that was soft and tender originally but with a few changes it could be hard and rough. See where I'm going with this?
Here's the challenge. Who can come up with the best one. There's no price. Not unless you want me to send you which ever kid is annoying me this week. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
Back to my girls day. After our time in the spa, free time remember, we were nice and relaxed and ready for some lunch. Jody suggested a short walk to a place she knows on the river that serves great sandwiches. Short walk? I'd hate to go on a long one with her. But I have to say, she knew what she was talking about. Fresh bread and fresh fillings, the shop even smelt yummy. I had a BLT, which I haven't had in years, which Melma is now going to learn to make. And if she picks this up as quick as everything else we've taught her I could be in trouble. I'm already putting the weight on again but if I get Melma making me BLT's every day..... (shudder)
We're planning our next girls day but with Christmas, me heading back to Sydney for four weeks, Jody going to Perth and Danielle off to Phuket it'll be the end of January before we can indulge ourselves again. I got a real boost out of today and the dreaded Ms. D and Ms. G seemed to have moved on to greener pastures. It's amazing what a little girl power can do.

I am woman! Hear me roar! (If you stroke me the right way I might purr)


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  1. It is all in the way we word things! Thanks for the laugh, Rachel. You're hilarious.