Sunday, February 24, 2008

The best of Plans.

I had great plans for Friday, review a couple of books get some writing done and generally clear my desk so I could enjoy my friend Lynn's visit. She's here all the way from Melbourne and we planned on shopping, shopping and more shopping. That was before Robbie. Robbie is the youngest of my kids and let me tell you he's what I refer to as high maintenance. This week he's got an ear infection and just to add some spice to the mix he thought tripping while running a relay race at school would be really cool, especially if he broke a bone when he fell. I won't bore you with too many details but the little shit now sits in the lounge room, arm in sling sporting a broken collar bone. Let me just add a little background. The week before his 5th birthday he broke his nose, the first season of football he broke his arm, the second season of football he broke his collar bone, five days into the broken collar bone he did a slide tackle playing soccer and ended up with seven stitches in his leg. His excuse for playing soccer was the doctor said no football, he didn't say anything about soccer. In between all this he's broken his nose another two times. Did I mention high maintenance?
Needless to say, no writing done. And I had to send one of the girls to the airport to pick Lynn up while I waited in the doctors office for xrays and results. We did manage to sneak out yesterday and get some shopping done. Retail therapy always helps. The next few days will be quiet while I struggle not the kill him. I guess having Lynn here as a distraction will help.

I love him, I love him, I love him.....

Rachel C

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