Friday, February 15, 2008

Off for some serious pampering!

Tonight's the night!
Yes, Hubby and I are off to enjoy my prize. We're going later this afternoon and won't be back until after lunch tomorrow. I'm having my hair done later today so I look put together for our lovely candlelit dinner for two. I still don't know what to wear, I'll probably just throw something on at the last minute. Fashion conscious I'm not! But I will make an effort. Eventually.
I haven't done nearly enough work this week because I've been busy playing with my new toy, which still isn't hooked to the net and I've just loaded office onto it so now I can upload all my files. I got the printer hooked up and the PDA. Oh, and the wireless mouse is fantastic! I love it. I usually get the mouse cord all tangled up, now I won't have to worry.
So, I'm out of here. Gotta pack. Something? I know, I know, it's only overnight, but I hate not having all my stuff with me because I know I'll get there and think damn should have brought such and such with me. Oh well, as long as I take clothes and PJ's we'll be fine. Yes I've been known to go places without PJ's before. I know it's a romantic get away for two what could I possible need PJ's for? Did you forget about the breakfast in bed bit? I'm sure we don't want to be scaring and poor roomservice people.
Okay, really am going now.

Love is an everyday thing.



  1. I hope you two have a fabulous night!

  2. Sounds like fun! I know what you mean about the packing thing. My task today is to figure out how to fit eight days worth of clothes/cosmetics/toiletries/shoes/books/life essentials into two suitcases (not to exceed 50 pounds, of course) for my trip to Jamaica. I know, I know. To have my problem. Perhaps I'll just stay in my swimsuit the entire time- they make cover ups dressy enough for a restaurant, right?! I hope you two have a blast and I'll be back in the loop when I get back. Love ya!