Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Movie review.

I watched this the other morning with Lynn, she'd recently read the book and was keen to have a look at the movie. She's managed to get herself hooked on Nora and is at present reading Daring to Dream, the first in the Dream Trilogy. We grabbed a cuppa, popped the DVD into my new PC and sat back to watch.
I loved this book when I read it and I have to say I'm very pleased with the movie. The town of Angels Fall is gorgeous, and the mountain shots breathtaking. Except for the fact that there was snow everywhere and it looked damn cold (I hate the cold) I was ready to pack my bags and move on in. Brody's cabin is a must see and the diner was everything I expected it to be. They stayed true to the book, which is always a worry when someone decides to turn one into a movie, and I was pleased with the casting. Heather Locklear was good in the role of Reece and even though I felt she was just a little old for the part she did a brilliant job with the character. All the characters were as I remembered them and even though I knew what was coming it still managed to keep me hooked. Great job to all involved bringing this great book to life.
You can get the DVDs from Nora's website and her books are in all good book stores.

Rachel C
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  1. I'm a romance junkie who's only read about three Nora books. Not cos I don't like them - loved the three I read - so I must get into some more. Do you know if you have to read her JD Robb books in order??

  2. Hey Rach,
    JD Robb books are stand alone but with them having the same heroine throughout I'd read them in order, which is why I haven't started on them yet. I've read most of Nora's books (I also have them) and have them all still. I'm addicted. I search second hand book shops for the older ones and buy the new ones the minute they hit the shelf. Hope the writing is going well.

  3. UGH! Don't say she's too old. That means that we're too old! I loved this movie as well- it did stay pretty true to the book. I loved the "Dream" series...especially the one with Michael Fury as the hero. YUMMY! If I had a second of spare time I'd go reread that one just for him!

  4. Okay now you're really making me want to see this!