Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seven days of mind numbing activity.

It's been a week since I posted anything here, and it was a productive one for the most part. I'm writing up a storm on Rhian's latest wip, Lux. I've done over 6,000 words on that one in the last seven days. The editor got back to me about On A Wing And A Prayer, she's asked for some changes and I'll be getting to those soon. I promise. I got that email last Saturday but by then I was into my third day of a pulled back and headache. I quick trip out with Hubby and an even quicker slip on a wet floor and I really pulled my back. Sunday? Migraine city! Damn I love that place! NOT!!!! Sunday of course was the 1st of June and the start of the 50ksIn30days challenge, so with the help of some pills I battled through to do 2,000 words. Not bad considering. By Monday I was in so much pain I could quite happily have committed murder. Luckily kids were in school hubby was at work and at home son went off for a job interview. Ahhhh... peace. More drugs, sleep, some more pills (and by now I think I rattled when I moved, not that I was moving) and I managed to write another 2,000 words. Woohooo...... go me!!
Ah...... No. Not go me. I read them today, those 2,000 words from yesterday, and let's just say that they were.... well.... interesting?! I'm not sure how to describe them other than I had no idea I was writing a fantasy. No, really, if what I'd written was even remotely salvageable I'd do it but nope, sorry, in the trash. But at least I tried, right. Right?
Oh, well back to it.

Rachel C


  1. Love to read how the process goes for others. Being so busy is great.I'm cheering for you.

  2. Hey revisions? That's gotta be good, right? Good luck on them and hope that back stops giving you grief!

  3. Hope your back is feeling at least a little better.


  4. Any word you come up with are better then no words at all. Keep going, you'll get there and if your feeling better you'll be soon back on the way to having another novel accepted. P.S. congratulations for A Wing and A Prayer

  5. So, are you saying that writing while on pain meds chruns out surprising writing? I pulled out my first completed ms the other day and wondered what I was on when I wrote it!!!

    I hope you are feeling better and getting a lot of writing done.