Monday, July 28, 2008

Fallen Angel Reviews Update.

FAR went live with the monthly update last weekend, you can find all the great reviews and author interviews, as well as a heap of other goodies on the site.
Last month I did 15 reviews, passing the 100th book reviewed. The lucky #100 was A Legal Affair by NJ Walters, a great book that I did give a RR (Recommended Read) to. I thought I'd give you all the links to the reviews so you can check them out for yourself, but while you're there you should check out the FAR site.

Oh Yum! - Young Stud by Ruth D. Kerce - Review
A Psychic Hitch by Bekki Lynn - Review
Make U Sweat by Amie Stuart - Review
Taking Control by Jamie Hill - Review
Undeniable by Lexie Davis - Review
Roughing It by Vonna Harper - Review
Beyond The Valley by Destiny Blaine - Review
Who Needs Another Superhero? by R.G. Alexander - Review
Backtrack: The Huntsmen by Amber Green - Review
Letting Luce by Jenny Gilliam - Review
A Little Slice Of Heaven by Gina Ardito - Review
Something About That Lady by Carol McPhee - Review
Living Lies by Dawn Brown - Review
Vampire Knights - Blood Vengeance by Bronwyn Lee - Review
A Legal Affair by N.J. Walters - Review

That's quiet a list for last month, I doubt that I'll get as many this month as my life seems to have imploded on a personal level. Hopefully it'll get better soon. I won't bore you with any details but I will say everyone is healthy, unless I decide killing them is the only option, and I'm not sure why I'm not an alcoholic. LOL

Rachel C

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  1. Congrats on passing 100 books reviewed, Rachel. I'm honored that A Legal Affair was your 100th book.

    Thank you so much for the amazing recommendation!

    Here's to 100 more books reviewed! :-)