Monday, July 14, 2008

Make the most of every second.

This is the kid! He's the one that inspired the title today. My youngest is what I like to refer to as high maintenance. VERY high maintenance. He doesn't stop. If he's sitting still his mouth is flappin'. Yep, that's my boy, always ready to dive right in and give it a go. He makes the most of every second, and so he should, the damn kid is lucky to be here, three strikes your out rule doesn't apply to my boy. He's beat the odds three times now, and I'm sure there'll plenty more times in the future he'll push the boundaries too.
So taking a leaf out of his book I'm put some excerpts up on my other blogs. Go here for Rachel's romantic suspense and here for Rhian's erotic romance. After you've read them be sure to leave me a comment, I always love to know what you think.
We had a great weekend, we had home made Big Macs for dinner last night. They were yummy and tasted just like the real thing. Hope your weekend was good and you week gets better.

Rachel C


  1. What a great photo! Makes me want to get out there and live a little. I need to drag myself away from the computer;)
    How do you make homemade big macs?