Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alive a kickin' butt!!!!

Yep, that's what I've done in the month of June. The 50ksIn30days challenge finished yesterday and during the month of June I wrote 100,015 words. I absolutely kicked butt! Of course I couldn't have done all that on one wip, I had to work on five which means none are finished. sigh
I know, I'm hopeless but I have discovered that when I put my mind to it I can write some serious word count numbers. Of course I'm not always in charge of my mind so hence the working on five wip's. The muse may be a hunky bloke but he's going to have to watch it or he's getting the sack and I'll high another muse to do his job.
Reviewing hasn't stopped and the FAR site went live with June's reviews over the weekend. I don't even know how many I did last month but you can find all the reviews here: http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/
I'm steaming ahead with the writing and even though this month was hectic I've enjoyed it. I'm also pretty brain dead, but never fear I'm still writing. I plan to have a few things finished by the end of July and I'm sticking to the plan.

Rachel C

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  1. Well done RC - a great role model for me to live up to!!