Monday, July 7, 2008

New ideas.

This is my office. It doesn't look like that at the moment, in fact I can't actually find my desk. I need to have a clean up but I'm busy, writing. Yep, getting lots done in the last few days, not as much as I was doing last month but we at the 50k blog have set a new challenge. Pick your own goal and log in with it, then each day come back and add what you did. Sounds simple, and it is, Sandie's calling it the page a day challenge but I'm going for 1000 words or 1 chapter edited. It's all up to you. We're starting today but I've been going since Saturday and so far I'm reaching my goal every day. Yay me!
I visit a few author blogs and over the last few weeks Linda Winfree (who's a great author by the way) has been posting pix of her recent holiday so I've decided to post pix in my posts from now on as a way of showing you all my part of the world. I've started with my work space because I couldn't decide what to post first. LOL But I've now decided that I'll do a week of the same area, so if I choose to do Singapore I'll post pix taken all over for that week. This week will be where we live.
Did you see the new widget I've got on the sidebar? I love Nora Roberts and this is a new thing for her so I just had to have it. If you're a fan grab on for your site, it's easy. Everyday it tells you something about her, it's really cool. I want on when I get that famous. LOL
Must go and get on with the day, yes it's nearly lunch time but we're on school holidays here so we're getting to sleep in and be lazy about getting up and going. Two more weeks then it's back to the 6am wake ups. sigh
Rachel C

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