Saturday, April 5, 2008

Getting in on the ground floor.

I've had the pleasure of reading a MS by my best Cyber-Buddie Devon Gray. Addicted is a piece she started out of no where and couldn't stop. I'm so glad she couldn't. I remember her being a little concerned by it as the style is different to her norm and getting to read the first bit to give her my opinion. I think I may have threaten bodily harm if she didn't keep going. Good thing too, Addicted was finished the other day and Devon sent it over. I think if this is not Devon's normal style she needs to rethink her style cause this thing rocks! Yep. It's hot and deep an such a great read. She's already had an editor friend have a look and she agrees with me on the rocking score. Once it's been read through and all spelling/grammar errors removed Devon will be sending it off to a publisher. It's gonna sell. There's no way they'll let this thing get away. I can't wait to see it up on a website, whether Devon's or the publishers, it won't matter. I love Devon to pieces but right now I think I hate her. LOL I've said from the beginning she'd be published and now I have to follow it up with getting published as well. It's kind of like a lucky charm thing. She gets published, I get published. I get published, she gets published. So now one of us is that much closer the other one has to put her head down and bum in the hot seat and follow.
Damn! She's gonna be a hard act to follow.


  1. You are so sweet, Rachel! The ms should go off on Monday, and the editor is talking "future projects"- meaning she thinks I should write 3-4 novellas a year and two full-length manuscripts. I think I'm going to pass out. Of course, until the contract is signed, I can't say it's a done deal. I am closer than I've ever been, though. You're right, it's your turn. I'm sure it won't be long!

    Love ya

  2. I'm glad you liked Devon's MS so much. I'll get one of my kids to buy it for Christmas or some such time.

    I read your earlier post. Heavens I need to get my finger out and drop by more often. In the mean time look at it this way, they were happy for you to wait a week. If it was a big problem they'd have you back in there the next day.

    As for plumming had mine ripped out years ago, best thing I ever did.

    Love ya.

  3. RACHEL! I don't have your email address in my new Mac Book, and I could kind of remember it, but not really. LOL! I got a request for the full manuscript from TWRP! The editor also asked about my real name/pen name for purposes of the contract. Please, come hold my hair back. I still maintain that until everything is DONE, there is always the opportunity for a disaster of some sort. But still, SQUEEEEE!

    Love ya!