Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heading away for a few days.

I'm going out of town with Hubby for a few days. Not sure what my Internet access will be like so I thought I'd quickly catch you up on the writing before I go.
In the last two days I've pumped out over 4,000 words on Flash Point. A lot I've done in word sprints with my cyber-buddies Sandie and Diane. We have so much fun working 15 or 30 minute sprints and before you know it your word count is screaming along.
I plan to take lots of pix while I'm away so I'll blog some when I get back.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone.

Make the most of every minute, they're all precious.

Rachel C

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  1. Hey Rachel

    Hope you had a fun trip! Awesome wordcount!