Saturday, April 26, 2008

Go Devon, go Devon, go Devon!

Devon Gray got a contract!
The Wild Rose Press have offered Devon a contract for Addicted. The book is great as you know because I already blogged about it, but now everyone will know about it. Obviously she having trouble breathing but once she stops hyperventilating I'll get all the details. It'll take a while before we know when it'll be released or get a cover but you can guarantee you'll see it here. Pop over to see her blog and have a read of her Squeeeeee post.


  1. Okay, it's been twelve hours and I'm relatively calm now. Oh, and I talked to my neighbor who owns a marketing firm and she is on board with helping AND I've contacted someone to do the book trailer. On top of that, I wrote 1000 words on the next book while my kids and dogs were running all over the house screaming and barking. Whew! If I could just stay in this manic state forever imagine how productive I'd be. Thanks for your support, Rachel! Love ya!

  2. Love to hear good news like this. Even though my ears and plugged and nose is stuffed (stupid spring cold) I am going over to read about it now.
    BTW I don't know how I found you. I think I was googling something (something clean obviusly ;)and you came up and out of curiousity I cane around.

  3. Congrats, Devon! And just wait, the manic state gets more manic with each step closer to release day. :D