Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oooo.... I have a new friend!

Okay, so I've got heaps of friends and probably don't need another one to play with but this one is special. And no I did not replace the Hubby! On the Samhaincafe loop the other day the question of critique partners came up, not having a dedicated one I kept an eye on things. Yes I have Devon but she had Bev before me and I'm a third wheel, which is good because the more opinions the better, well not too many but you get what I mean. So I still have Devon but I really need to find myself a front row CP. So as usual, not back in coming forward I started trying to find a web address for this particular author. Couldn't find one. What to do, what to do? I know, I'll be real polite (no comments from the peanut gallery) and email her off loop, I didn't want to through the loop because, well not sure of the rules on that one. Off went my lonely little email. Bye, bye. Damn I hope I did the right thing! Then someone yelled dinner and well I had to eat, we'd walked the whole of China Town today. Of course the minute I'm finished I'm back at the computer and damn if dinner isn't going to make another appearance because there a return email. Nervously I open it up. Fingers shaking, you know I've suddenly come to the conclusion that I might need resuscitation if I ever get a book contract. And what does the email say?
"You've made my day!"
I've made her day? OMG! She's keen to try. Which let me explain, is what happens when looking for a CP, you have to try to see if you fit. Some people just aren't going to work well together while others are better than chocolate dipped strawberries. We've exchanged a little info about ourselves in these two emails so I closed my eyes, held my nose and dove right in. I sent her some of Heartthrob. Well all of it, there ain't much to it yet, but as I said we need to try each other out so we start slow and go from there. Mind you I just popped over to her blog and I have to say I like so far. I like a lot. Anyway, we'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted and how I feel about the process. I mean I'm not real good at sharing my writing, I'm getting better but I need to get even better. Actually, I think I have because I didn't even blink when I sent Heartthrob over.
By now you're wondering who this person is and I think I'll put you out of your misery. (This bits scary because she's already got her first book out there!) Her name is Mari Carr and her first book came out last month at Samhain Publishing (I can't even remember if there's a link on the sidebar so here it is anyway ) Look for Erotic Research, oh bugger it, here's the link to the actual book;
Go check it out, I missed it when it came through FAR, wasn't quick enough. I tell ya you would think being an Angel would help me get what I want but nooooo.... sometimes the feathers fly!
Okay, it's getting late and Hubby just turned the lights off. I think it's a hint.

You can never have too many friends.

Rachel C


  1. Humph! I've been replaced, apparently. Oh well, no more spicy reading for me, I guess. LOL! I hope it's a good fit. As always, I am willing to read anything you send me. I've only asked a gazillion times. You are reticent about turning over the goods!!!

    Love ya!

  2. Nah! I didn't replace ya. You're my spelling and grammar queen, although, Mari is and english teacher. LOL
    You still get my stuff, I still need you to read it. I'm just widening my circle. You and now Mari are the only ones to read my stuff yet, except for the excerpt up on wordpress that is.
    Love ya!

  3. Ohhhh, you are sooooo brave. CP's nope don't think I'm up for that just yet. LOOVVEE my writing, but to share with someone??? TOOOO SCARY. NO I'll wait just a little longer.

    So glad you have found someone though.


  4. You know I think this is a really really good idea and I may even.....ehermm.... cough.... have to steal it. Of course I will find my own, I have one in mind actually... but thank you for inspiring me, now you have made MY day.