Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time for a change.

Okay, so I'm trying to give this blog a new look and it's not working. Well, it is; just not the way I want it to. So don't be surprise if you come back and it's different. Again. Be patient with me while I go get some spray to get rid of all the bugs. There are a few changes to the sidebar but I think it works a little better. I like the new look, now if I could just get it to do exactly what I want.....
My new CP is working out great so far. I think I've got a big foot because I said she really needed to get her blog a little more happening and she has. Mari's just such a busy person that I think the blog was just one more thing to get to later. But if you're serious about being a writer you need to have a place where people can 'see' you. Whether that's reader, other authors or editors, you need people to be able to find you and info on what you've done, doing and planning to do.
I've made a special section in the sidebar just for my two wonderful CP's, who have both been doing such a wonderful job of kicking my butt this week with the edit/polish of On A Wing And A Prayer. (I need it.) Go over and check them out.
Mari has a new book coming out later in the year, but right now you can get Erotic Research from Samhain Publishing. (I've added some e-book publishers to the sidebar too) I'll let you know when we get the details of her next book. Oh, and any other great news she has.
Devon is busy writing her next book. Having her first contract does not mean she gets to rest. No, it's bum in seat, fingers on keyboard, madly getting the next book written. As soon as we have some news on a release date and cover for her first book I'll post it here.
Other than procrastinating, hence the new blog theme, I'm editing/polishing. LOL

There are two choices. You can make a living or you can design a life. - Jim Ruhn

Rachel C


  1. I too am going through some redecorating. Only I've decided to hire someone. In the mean time I keep changing the colors like a mood ring.

  2. I like the change. Looks very fresh, sort of like spring. I was like you changing my blog theme all the time.

    Now I'm just adding new blogs to my list. Hehehe. Did one up for my heroes the other night. Yes Miss P needed something new to play with.

    Catch ya.

  3. Change is good. Every so often you have to freshen things up to keep them from getting stale!