Monday, May 5, 2008

Taking the necessary steps.

Some things you need to do to further your writing career are easy and some are hard. For instance one thing a budding writer must decide is whether to go to the expense of having a website built before they're published. It can be a costly affair and time consuming as well. Me? I've got a file of photos, all taken by my family or me, that I'll be using when the time comes to build mine. Yes I have a domain name and you can even go there and you'll get a page that tells you where to find me at the moment. I've got a pretty good idea of what I want and I wish I could build it myself so I'd get exactly what I want. But the sad fact is I'm sooooo not computer friendly. I'd get exactly what I don't want if I tried to do it myself. So the decision to build before publication for has been put off and put off but now as I get closer I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get the ball rolling. It doesn't help when Devon gets to put her exciting news on her website that she's had since she made the decision to be a writer. And it really doesn't help when Mari sends out the exciting news that hers is finally up and running. So I'm starting this week. I'm putting it here so I'm accountable. But before we get to that let's get back to Mari's new site.

The link is in the sidebar but here it is as well;
Pop over there and have a look, it's so fresh looking, it's like looking at you favorite holiday pix. If you can leave her a message about what you thought. The best thing we get as writers is feedback. It's such a solitary life that we're not only thrilled with getting a message about how great you think we are but excited when it helps us make our writing or in this case, websites better.

Oh, and the verdict on On A Wing And A Prayer so far is favorable. I don't know whether to throw up or throw a party. (read have a drink)

Fear is only as big as we make it.

Rachel C


  1. Oh, the fun of building a website. And maintaining it? A blast. I am just praying I make enough money as a writer to pay someone to run it for me. I'm with ya on the computer cluelessness. Although, with each day that passes I get closer and closer to being able to participate in adult tecno society without constantly saying, "Huh?"

  2. Building my web site was fun. But now I want to change it. do something different I think. Not sure yet.

    Anyway I'm too busy playing with blog sites ATM. No I better not think of blogs I might come up with another one. See what happens when you give up smoking? Two years later you find another addiction.

    See ya.