Friday, May 2, 2008

Harsh working conditions.

Life's hard when you're forced to work under these conditions. This is my writing room, it's in our bedroom but I try not to think about having to share my space. The bookcase is overflowing as any good bookcase should be, the lounge is really comfy for lying back and reading, or editing. And view on a good day offers glimpses of Indonesia. The water between is the main 'road' for the ship in the area. And then of course there's the view of downstairs. As you can see my life isn't easy. LOL


  1. Your chair looks comfy and your desk is tidy - did you tidy up for the photo shoot?

    Are you living in a resort? It looks warm where you are. I say this wearing a long sleeved shirt with jumper and trackpants covering long sock.

    Also, there's a lot of cargo type boats out on the water. I could get lost for hours watching them move across the water. Currently I get to look out at weeds and the dog scratching at the window :-).

  2. It looks like a resort, doesn't it?
    It's currently 29 degress and it's a cold day today. LOL
    I'm in shorts and singlet top.

    And no, I didn't clean up for the photo. It was still clean from where I had everything laid out on it over the last few days of edit/polish. Damn I'm glad that first one is over.

    We get to watch the planes coming in to land as well as the boats. If you go to my MySpace page you can see a couple more pix of our lovely home. The great view and resort type living is consolation for living in an apartment. We had a huge 5 bedroom house back in Oz.

  3. oh wow those views are fabulous, Rachel. Great for inspiration, but I think I'd spend most of my time just gazing out of the windows rather than writing!!

  4. Hi Christina,
    Yes those windows get stared out a lot. Like right now, it's 2:19am and I'm looking at all the twinkling lights of Indonesia. I've just finshed the read through of the second draft on my wip. I've just sent it off to my CP's.
    Not sure I can sleep now. LOL
    It doesn't help that there are others in my head screaming for my attention.

  5. And just who is the Show Off!!!

    Love your view.