Thursday, May 15, 2008

We break your regular programming for some important information!

I've been quiet. Very quiet. I've had some exciting stuff going on that kept me busy and away from here.
I've had a full manuscript request!!!!
Yep, there's now a full sitting on an editors desk, well not yet, I'm about to send it. The request came through this morning and I'm just going over it one more time. I know, I know call me obsessive. I don't care!!!! I've had a full requested!!!!!
If you want the full story pop over to my wordpress pages to read it.
I'll keep you posted on what's going on, but things are moving so fast I think my ass just overtook my belly!

Where are those topless table dancing tarts when you need them??

Rachel C


  1. Ripping my top off as I type and jumping up on the table to do some highkicks.

    Woohoo Rachel!

    Fantastic news!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it!