Monday, January 21, 2008

Back In The Hot Seat.

Okay, back to work today. I'm just popping in to post my goals for the next couple of months.

January - Finish On A Wing And A Prayer.

February - Polish/edit On A Wing And A Prayer.
- Submit On A Wing And A Prayer.

March - Polish/edit finished 60,000 ms and submit.

(can some one pass me a bucket please, I think I'm going to be sick!)

I'll also continue to read and review for FAR plus add to the many wip's I have going at the moment.

Other than the submitting part I'm actually quite excited about my goals, I think they're very attainable and I'm looking forward to finding out how Trey and Lana get on. Well, I kind of know already but my characters often take a look at where I'm driving, hijack the car and head in the direction they want.

You might remember my post about paying it forward and the little comp that author Amie Stuart was running, well, I won that so I got to choose to have critique of 30 pages or she'd pay for a workshop or course up to $30. I've chosen the critique, so this morning I sent her the first 30 pages of On A Wing And A Prayer. (God, I really need that bucket.) Plus the lovely Devon is still on board as my CP and she's great because she's really good at spelling and grammar and I suck. Big time. I'm looking forward to seeing what Amie has to say, having Devon's input is great but having an actual published author look at it? (Damn! Where's that bucket????) Remembering this is the piece that got down to the bottom 25 of the Karin Tabke One Line comp. Amie did check it out then so she's seen the first few lines already, but now she's got two whole chapters plus a couple of pages, I think, I can't remember now. I'm really nerves about it. But I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to AMIE STUART for giving me this opportunity.

I did some reviewing before Christmas for author Nicole Austin and was so excited when she emailed me to say thank you. We got to chatting and I joined her yahoo group TandA_Fantasy Playground. She's also part of The Hussies. Please be warned, neither of these groups is for anyone that may get offended by things of sexually explicit nature. There are no-holds-barred on either site as all the authors write in the erotic genre. Nicole has been great in answering some questions I've had about the e-pub market and she's even offered to read my wip. This from a multi-published author who has plenty of writing of her own to do. I am still waiting for the next in her Corralled series.

I'm having so much fun getting to know all these wonderful woman. They're so generous with their time and advise and without them and other authors like them us newbies would be wondering around in the dark. So another big THANK YOU to NICOLE AUSTIN.

In the next few weeks I'm going to be busy with writing so to keep myself form going insane I'll be checking in regularly with updates and a new list of wonderful author websites. Until next time, be safe, be happy but most of all be grateful you're alive.

Remind those you love how you feel, yes they probably know but it's so nice to here it said.



  1. You are very welcome, Rachel! I'm glad you are having fun hanging out on the Playground and at the Hussy Club with the rest of us badgirls. As for helping aspiring authors, my motivation is purely selfish. See, the more who succeed in getting published the more wonderful books out there for me to read. *g*

    Seriously, I love to encourage others to write. There's more than enough fun to go around. 4 of the Corralled series, Brock and Tink's story. Yeah, its started, however, those pesky characters aren't being very cooperative right now. I'm hoping they'll decide where they're driving this story soon! Me, I'm just along for the ride. ;)

  2. Good luck with reaching all your writing goals.

    The playground is a fabulous place to hang out. Nic and Teri are both very generous with their time and knowledge.

  3. I'll hold your hair back for you while you are sick, my dear! Just kidding. Your goals only make you believe you'll'll do fine. I am waiting to hear Diana's opinion on my about needing a bucket! Can't wait to get the ms. Keep typing away.