Monday, January 28, 2008

Re-working the WIP

Okay, the smart ones will have noticed the word counter on the sidebar has changed. It had to. Since Trey and Lana are tearing down the road to the big ending I had to re-think the word count and look at some things that didn't need to be in shorter book. So I've dropped about 8,000 words. All stuff that just bogged the damn thing down, (well, that's what I'm telling myself) it's hard to let those words go but they need to go. The word count now stands at 20,034, with 6 and a half chapters and over 90 pages, I'm taking a break because they're having an intimate moment and I..., oh all right, they're having sex, hot steamy sex that quite frankly just got a little too much for me. There's nothing worse than getting caught up in the moment and missing something. So they're, umm..., well they're enjoying themselves while I cool off a bit and finish playing with my new toy. Yep, I got a new toy, it's a big old white board, with my very own set of magic markers. It's covered with all the stuff I need to remember about my pair. You know, so when Lana starts talking about the Horde I can just look up and remind myself what she's talking about. I love it. I've even put a running word count total on it, how many pages in each chapter, that kind of thing. I've got three days to finish to make my goal and with Hubby away and the kids at school I think I'll make it. Plus, I want the weekend off because, gasp! it's my birthday on Sunday. Guess what I got? Everyone that knows me knows how much I love Nora Roberts, and the lifetime channel in the US made four of her books into telemovies.
I GOT THE DVD's!!!!!!!
Now I know the kids and Chris are gonna hate me but I'm watching at least one on Sunday. It's my birthday and that's what I want to do. I can't wait, I know Nora was pleased with the way they turned out so I don't think they'll done damage to the stories, don't you just hate it when they make a book into a movie and kill it? For the curious the movies are: Montana Sky, Carolina Moon, Angels Fall and Blue Smoke. All the books were great so hopefully the movies will be too. I'll let you know.
Okay back to the book, see where Trey and Lana are now. Hopefully there still where I left them, but then I should know by now that anything goes with this pair.
Hope everyone has a great week.

I'm not getting old just more experienced.

Rachel C


  1. Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! I've watched all four of them. Montana Sky was my favorite, but they did change part of the story. I remember my mouth falling open and then protesting, "No!" Oh, I'm done with your chapters. I'm exhausted from all of Trey's and Lana's antics. I know you've gotta get wiped out just writing it! Enjoy your birthday this weekend!

  2. I loved the book Montana Sky! I think that was the last Nora book I read...

    "So they're, umm..., well they're enjoying themselves while I cool off a bit and finish playing with my new toy."

    You so don't know where I thought you were going with that! LOL!!

    Happy early birthday :)

  3. Hey Rachel
    Happy Birthday for Sunday. I know this is early, but I might forget if I don't respond now. The ol' brain aint what she used to be (if it ever was in the first place) LOL

  4. Happy Birthday, Rachel! LOL @ having to take a break from your writing getting hot. *g* Steam up those pages, baby.

  5. Snap! I bought a white board last week too.

    Have a great birthday on Sunday.