Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thank you.

Thanks to all who commented on my last blog. Things are a little depressing in this neck of the woods and after have my own health scare last year I was thinking things would be going well from then on. Only life doesn't work that way. Everything is in continuous motion and nothing remains the same. My Grandmother's death was in many ways a blessing, she was tired of being sick and trapped in her house and she'd always been such an independent woman, always prided herself on looking good. She even told my mother that if her grey roots were showing when she died to get some one to die them. It wasn't until her funeral that I found out she drove trucks for the army in WWII, she'd lied about her age to get in, maybe that was a sign of how tough she was, after all, she did have emphysema for 15 years and was on oxygen almost as long, the woman should be the symbol for tough. After much internal debate I'm now okay with her death, I think because I've spent the last year living in Singapore I was feeling a little guilty but I think she'd be pissed at me if she knew that so I'm giving myself the okay to move on.
So, to my Dad, he's out of hospital and eating and drinking again. The last I heard he was almost back to his old self. I still don't know the full story, what with having to pack up and come back to Singapore, so I'll be ringing him soon to get the whole tale.
Well, the kids start back at school on Monday which means I'm back in the hot seat. Yes, things are going to hot up. I'm planning to finish On A Wing And A Prayer by the end of Jan, edit/polish and then submit by the end of Feb. I'm not working on anything else, except in point form, no matter how much noise they make in my head. I'm going to do one review every two to three days and no more. Even though I love doing them I can get a bit obsessive about it. Actually, I can get a bit obsessive about a lot of things. Editing/polishing is one of them. I've decided that I write the first draft, give it to a CP (yes Devon sweetie that's you) then do one edit/polish before sending it out. (God, I feel sick already.)
They're my goals for Jan and Feb. Once I decide on my goals for the rest of the year I'll let you know. I'm thinking I need to do the final edit/polish on Perfect Strangers which has been finished for over a year but I keep getting tangled up in the edit/polish process and taking on every piece of advise. Okay, that's March's goal. Do up Perfect Strangers and submit it. (Where's the bucket, now I know I'm going to be sick.) Small steps along the road to publication.
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  1. Wow Rachel,
    I like the sound of your goals. You've inspired me! Sounds like I should be doing something similar. So I might aim to have my edits and synopsis done by end Feb too. Not sure about March. I'll let you know.
    Glad to hear about your headspace regarding your Grandmother's passing. They are the last ones who would want us to be held back by their memory. But memories are important, just the same.
    Go get your goals girlfriend!!

  2. I hear ya on the reviewing thing. It is very tempting to sign up for all those arcs when they come through...they sound so great. I chose two novel length ones this month (each over 400 pages). They are both excellent, but time consuming. I need to outline my goals as you have. I tend to do everything by the seat of my pants...just like my writing. Somehow it all gets done, but man, what a stress case. I'm glad that you have found some peace in your grandmother's passing and that your father is on the mend. I'm waiting on that completed manuscript. Send it on over whenever it's ready!