Friday, January 25, 2008

Bad Customer Service!

Leaving the hot seat for an important news flash.
Print Place (I'm not even telling you the website)

They're in the US and a cyber-friend of mine has just been royally shafted by them. No, not that kind of shafting, jeez people get your minds out of the gutter. No poor Nicole was so excited when her new bookmarks finally arrived from the printers that she was telling anyone that would listen. Imagine her complete horror when she examined them more closely and found that one side was shiny and one not. Even worse, the shiny side was the back, and all those lovely (read hot) pix on the front were flat and dull! And it gets worse! When she emailed the company to tell them they'd stuffed up, because they had, who wants dull, flat pix of hunky men?, they called her and explained that that's the way the bookmarks come out, one side shiny the other not. So Nicole says, well fine, but the wrong side it shiny!
Reply - Oh, we can't predict what side will be shiny.
How could they not know which side would turn out shiny? Forgive me for being ignorant of the printing world, but surely it's a matter of which way the paper goes in the machine? No?
Okay, so we're all having a rant about this because they refuse to fix the problem. Well, judging by they're reply, they don't know how to fix it.
So, pass the word along, tell every author you know and every writing or reading group you belong to. Actually, anyone that gets stuff printed.
DON'T BUY FROM PRINT PLACE (website not provided)
Well, I'm getting back to the hot seat, and Nicole, lovely as she is, says we can have a bookmark if we want, even thought she hates them, so I'm off to her goodies page to get me some great free stuff. You should check it out.

Always check the fine print, actually, no don't, the damn printer might have left it off!



  1. Thanks, Rachel! I don't hate the bookmarks, they are just not the perfect, beautiful ones I expected. I'm disappointed that Print Place wouldn't reprint them. That's just poor customer service. The art work I did is still very lovely, though. :D

  2. The actual bookmark is amazing, it's the presentation that sux. Damn, why do we always have to do things ourselves to get them right?