Monday, March 24, 2008

I've been quiet.

Aren't you shocked? I know, you've been hanging out to see what's going on. Well, not much. No I lie. I've been so busy with end of month at FAR, reading the books for the competition and trying to fit in writing that I'm in need of oxygen. So for FAR I've done three reviews and umpteen pre-edits. I've read and judged three books. Plus I've managed to get 1,372 words written on Flash Point. I know not much writing but I only managed two hours. Remember everything I've just mentioned has happened since last Thursday morning, I think I've done rather well considering.
Once April is here I'll have all the competition books read and judged so that will free up some time for some personal reading. You know I sometimes wish I had more time to read without have to write a review or fill out a score sheet but then I remember what I'm like when I'm just reading for myself and I know it's a good thing I've got something to slow me down. I know I can get a bit obsessive.
I'm planning on some time down by the pool with a good book and maybe a drink once April arrives. Sure I'll still have FAR books to review but I don't have to do them every day, I can just do two a week. That should give me time for writing and personal reading. My TBR (to be read) pile is almost at the ceiling! Well not really, I've got about twenty e-books on the PC but then there's about 80 paperbacks to get through. sigh There really does need to be more hours in the day.
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Too many books, not enough time. Or money!

Rachel C


  1. Hi Rachel! Just finished reading blog, can see you super busy still with your writing! How did I go with quiz on you the other day? Few hard q's such as fave music..........Hmmm??
    By the way the book you lent me is giving me the heebies, that guy that slices people up is just a wee bit too creepy!!!!
    Catch up soon.

  2. OMG your TBR pile is giving me a headache! I thought mine was bad.

    Thanks for your advice re the petshop - I think I'll have to do SOMETHING - it's just NOT RIGHT!

    By the way... was it The Emerald your judging?

  3. Hey Jody,
    How's that assignment going?? LOL
    Catch ya for a cuppa this week.

    Hi Rach,
    I want to hear what you do about the petshop lady. That's just not right. I can't believe she's actually still in business behaving like that.
    The comp is a US one, and it's published so all the books are already out there. I don't know how much I'm allowed to say about it yet. I'll check on that because when it's over I want to do a blog about it.

    Rachel C

  4. Busy, busy, busy! I think that you and I both need another day added to the week just so we can sit down and READ! My to be read pile is huge, but like you, with FAR and now the editing (not to mention my ahem...writing career)there never seems to be enough time in the day! Oh, I'm 8000 words from the completion of "Addicted". Yahoo!

  5. Hey Rach
    I'm with Devon, I could do with an extra day to just read. My TBR pile is HUGE. LOL I need another bookcase!!
    Regards Annie