Monday, March 10, 2008

Sven update.

Okay, so I'm late blogging this. I got another 1,235 words done yesterday so my Sven total is 4,292. Not bad, could be better. Word count meter is updated as well and you know, I just can't help staring at it, sitting there telling me how close I am to finishing and getting to the edit/polish stage.
I'm extra busy, what with Sven, FAR reviews and the contest I'm judging and I'm feeling a little scattered this morning. I'm surfing the net instead of reading or writing and I need to go to the shop and I can't be bothered. The writing's going well so it's not that that has me all a flutter and the book I just read for the contest was great and not something I would normally pick up which is a bonus. So what could be my problem? I got the new camera I've been nagging about for years and I've been playing around with it and watching Sammi play with hers, the kids are all being good (touch wood) and the whether, though rainy is hot (nothing different there) and then it hit me. It's near the end. I'm about to say goodbye to two people I've slaved over and with for months. I'd forgotten what it felt like, the end. It's been so long since I actually finished the last ms. In fact last year I didn't actually finish any because of the move and then the edit/polish of Dark Heat (working title) and then I started On A Wing And A Prayer, so I've not finished anything in over a year. It's sad. But then it's uplifting too because they'll ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But before that I have to accept them leaving me behind and move onto the next two that need my help getting to that sunset. They've already made an appearance, in fact they've been around since last year but I kept pushing them away trying to edit/polish Dark Heat and writing On A Wing. In the last few days they've been getting louder and the problem is I wanted to work on a different pair but as most writers know, Ms Muse has a mind of her own. I really need to get back to Dark Heat but it might have to wait because when I choose to listen to this new pair they're yelling at me not talking, so it's going to be hard to ignore them. Oh well, I'll get Trey and Lana settled in their happily ever after and get stuck into the next one.

Forsake all inhibitions. Pursue thy dreams! - Walt Whitman

Rachel C


  1. Hey Rach

    Glad to hear Sven is going well... Perhaps I should embark on that next time. You are ONE busy lady at the moment.

    Is Dark HEat a novella? Have you got any target publishers in mind??

  2. Don't you hate it when new characters start bugging you when you haven't finished with the other two yet?! That's what Jane and Stone did. Luckily, Christian and Emma are being very patient. They understand that "Addicted" is a novella, and almost half-way finished. Good luck, and I can't wait to read!

  3. Rachel, congrats on your word count accomplishment with Sven. Cool. It is frustrating when the Muse wants one direction, and logic demands another. Sometimes I can take turns working on both, but not always.