Thursday, March 20, 2008

On a high.

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I'm still really excited about finishing On A Wing And A Prayer and I'm using that as the excuse for not updating you on my Sven efforts properly. So yesterday was a great big 4,331 words. Taking my Sven total to 12,490 words. Pretty cool. But I'm not letting things slide because I've done so well, nooo.... I'm moving over to Flash Point with some really great scenes rolling through my head. Hope everyone is having as much luck as me with their writing.

Nurture your mind with great thoughts. - Benjamin Disraeli

Rachel C


  1. A bit behind the times but just wanted to say congrats heaps for finishing 'On A Wing and A Prayer.'

  2. Yeah I'm with Rach, behind the times. All I seem to be doing is running late.

    Mega congrats on finishing 'On A Wing And A Prayer' that is wonderful news. Sven has been a bit of a flop for me this week. I'll have to put a lot more effort into it next week.

    Have a Happy Easter.