Saturday, September 8, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!!

On the advice of a fellow writer busy tapping her way to publication, I signed up to be a reviewer for Fallen Angel Reviews. After becoming a member of Passionate Ink, (for those out of the industry it's a chapter of Romance Writers of America), I've become quite good at the message boards, (anyone that thinks otherwise please be quiet and let me dream). I thought no worries I can handle the computer element of being a reviewer. Wrong! I had to get my 14 year old to come and help me. But I think I've got it now. I better have or there won't be any reviews from me. I read so many books for myself that I thought why not read them and offer my opinion, I mean who doesn't want to offer their opinion. So now I get to pick books and they send them to me so I can read them and send back what I thought. How cool is that! Did I mention I don't have to pay for the books? Or that I don't get paid for my opinion? The free book bit makes Chris happy. Mind you, I don't smoke or drink, well the drinking bit is changing but that's because my lovely friend Danielle can't be expected to drink alone. (LOL)
I have to say that after all the years I spent at home with my four kids and then working part time and doing all the housework, taxi services etc, I've fallen into this life of luxury really well. After spending a couple of hours by the pool the other day and getting a lot of re-writing done, I can see how someone could get very used to the expat lifestyle. The kids are all gone by 7:30 in the morning and aren't back until 4:00pm. And Melma, the best domestic home helper ever, does all the housework. So if I'm not able to get myself in gear and published before I'm 40 someone better come and check the pool area for the layabout Aussie.
I'm taking a break tonight, we're off to dinner, just me and the hubby. It's his birthday today, so we're the same age again. No more but you're older comments for 5 months!!! It's okay, though, he looks older. (LOL)
The only dumb questions are the ones you don't ask.

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  1. You're not alone on the computer struggle! I have a very patient tech guy who helped me put up my website. My constant request to him? "Explain this to me like I'm five..." Can't wait to "watch" your progress.