Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Writing and reading up a storm.

Three short story book reviews over the last few day, homework for my online class, giving feed back on another class mates work and writing about 5,000 words. Okay, breathing now. I'm not sure how I've managed it, there seems to be a lot there and it is only Wednesday. The good news I'm busy, the bad news, nothings finished and ready to go off to the submission gods. It's getting there though, so I shouldn't complain.
I've joined the online group for Romance Writers of Australia, so I can keep in touch with what's happening in down under. Forgive me for getting star struck every time a recognisable name pops up. And there are so many I recognise. I can't believe we moved up here the year the conference was in Sydney. There was no way I could fly down for it and then back down for TJ's farewell assembly. This time in two weeks I'll be in Sydney seeing my baby for the first time in five months. That's reason enough to write up a storm so I can take the whole week off while I'm down there.


It's wonderful to be inspired, but even more so to do something about it.

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