Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, no, not again!

This is not what I planned for when we planned the experience of a life time. Moving to a new country, experiencing a new culture, living the expat life. I did not sign on for a geology/geography lesson. All this shaking is disrupting my muse, she keeps thinking up the worst disasters. You know buildings crumbling, the ground opening up and swallowing things whole. Damn, she's a scary bitch!
Not sure what to do, the nausea is the worst for me. I feel sick every day as it is, but now that I'm swinging from the chandelier, so to speak, it's not that appealing. No water movement out front, we're in our third tsunami warning. There telling us on the TV to go out to open space, has anyone been in Singapore? There's very little open space. The only open space I have around here is the beach out front. Not much choice, really. I can stay inside and hope the building is fine, or I can go outside and hope there isn't a tsunami. Mmm.....
Mother nature is a fickle thing.
Live every moment, you have no idea how many you have.

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