Friday, October 5, 2007

Bragging rights!!!!

Everyone knows by now that I'm reviewing for Fallen Angel Reviews (FAR), the first of my reviews went up on the site this month and I received a lovely thank you from one author. While browsing the Passionate Ink forum I came across a name that was familiar but I couldn't place it until I flicked through my little black book of reviews. So then I pulled up Shelli Stevens website and guess what? There I am! Yep. She's posted my review on her site. I reviewed her book Cabin Fever and now not only is it on the FAR site it's on the author site as well. All this is going to my head. Not sure how I'll cope when I finally sell, good thing my hubby knows CPR it just might be necessary.
It cheered me up to see this as I've been to the dentist this morning and now I have a numb face and it still feels like someone punch me in the jaw. And the best bit, it'll feel like that for a few days yet. I think I'm over teeth, I'm not really that fond of food anyway. (LOL)
Off to slurp up some soup.

Happy, happy, happy..... (no it's not the drugs!)


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  1. Thanks again, Rachel, for the wonderful review! :)