Thursday, October 4, 2007

Am I in over my head?

Today I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. It's in November and the idea is head down bum up write as much as you can for the whole month. The aim is to put out 50,000 words. Mmm.... Am I in over my head? Not sure if I'll make the 50,000, November is such a busy month for us. Timothy turns 18 on the 7th, Robbie turns 11 on the 8th, Sammi turns 15 on the 29th and we're taking a family holiday to Phuket for week on the 8th. I've signed up for a workshop with the wonderful Alison Stuart here in Singapore as well. I'm trying to get something ready to submit, I'm still reviewing (and loving it) and I'm thinking of joining a local writing group. Plus we've got visitors galore turning up, my mum's here now, when she leaves friends from Melbourne arrive, then I duck off to Vietnam for a girls weekend, then Tim comes up from Oz with Tamara. Hang on, just have to catch my breath. Okay, some serious organising needs to go into the next few months or I'll never be ready to fly home at Christmas. Christmas? Damn, when will I do the shopping?
Back to the National Novel Writing Month, I signed up and being completely unsavvy with computers, it takes me a while to get around and see what's what. So of course it had to me that had a problem. My profile won't show up. I can add buddies no problem, I can even edit my profile but the damn thing just disappears into cyberspace. I should be used to that by now but I thought I was getting better. In the end I gave up and asked the tech people. Guess what? It wasn't me. And I'm not the only one having the problem. (sigh of relief) It'll be fixed soon and then all the wonderful buddies I've added can add me. I'm not deluding myself about this event, it's more to get me a little more savvy with the Internet and hopefully get some words on the page. I'm looking forward to it even though I'm feeling a little intimidated by all the old timers. I'm over being the newbie everywhere I go.
The biggest news this week is I got myself the start of a website. Yep, registered my domain name and set up a page on it. No detailed website yet but I'm hoping to have it up and running by earlier next year, I'm in no rush, for now I've got the blog and the website points to that. I'm planning to know how the thing works and run it myself, so that'll take time to learn. Tim can probably help me with that. If you're interested in taking a look I've put a link on the side panel under author websites.
Time to get back to the words.

Love is life, miss love and you miss life.



  1. Wow! You sound a wee bit overextended in the next few months! Sometimes mania makes for more productive writing. That deadline will certainly keep you on your toes! Okay, it's time for me to stop procrastinating and compose a query letter. ICK!

  2. Devon I love procrastinating but like most things we like it's not good for us. Damn! I really do love a good one.