Monday, October 22, 2007

We're out of control...Somebody stop us!!!

Well here's a taste of a girls weekend. I thought it best not to blog any of the incriminating photos so here we are, from left to right, Miz, Jody, Danielle and Me, waiting to board our boat on the Mekong River. We had great weather and even though we were a little under par from the night before we still managed to get up at dawn and drag our butts down to meet our own personal tour guide. Yep, just the four of us, how cool was that? The Mekong is amazing and I'm still not over going there. We spent the day on the river going through the channels between the islands that make their home along the Mekong. I had no idea how big the Mekong is. When we arrived on the Friday the first thing after checking in was shopping. Woo hoo..... I love the markets and Miz and Jody both agree that it's better shopping in Ho Chi Minh than Bangkok. And the art work, let's just say only one of us came home without some. My painting is going up in the bedroom and once I've done that I'll have to go back for more, couldn't fit anything else in the luggage if I tried. Then we found this little spa place where we had foot massages that included legs, arms, back and neck. Mmmm.... sounds like a full body massage to me, anyway, $5 later (yes, US) I splurged on a manicure. Almost broke the budget though at another $5 I had to really think about it. NOT!!!!
We're getting together this week to have lunch and exchange photos, if you're lucky I might tease you some more with a photo of us at the spa.
We're busy planning the next weekend away, although I've got Phuket in two weeks and Danielle wants me to go with her to Cambodia to drop off some things to the orphanage where they're adopting from, plus I fly back to Oz on the 16th of December for Christmas. None of us wanted to get on the plane to come home but we had to. If you're looking for somewhere to go I recommend Vietnam, this was my second trip and I'm definitely going back.

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  1. Hi Rachel

    Sounds like you had a great weekend, I'm jealous as hell but very happy you had a good time. Love the Pics, Great hat. Catch ya later (I'm suppose to be writing)

  2. Sounds like trouble (but aren't girls' weekends always that way?!). I know you guys had a blast. Now, back to writing...