Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I love the three P's, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance, there's just one problem. I've found another P. Only I don't like this one. In fact I want to beat the thing out of existence. Really!
I'm doing it. Big time. I'm bad, I know I am, but I can't seem to stop. Is it a drug? Well whoever the bastard was that injected me better watch out because I've had enough. I can't even seem to read a book, which anyone that knows me will tell you is unheard of. So, how did I get here and more importantly how do I get back? I don't like the view from here. Nothing is motivating me in the slightest. All I'm doing is going through the motions and anyone can do that so what I'm doing can't be that special. A little retail therapy didn't even help. (Books of course)
So, I'm sitting here with the ocean breeze blowing in the window, I've put to bed my latest FAR review and now I'm surfing the net. Now I'm not exactly the best surfer, in fact I'm surprised I haven't shut the whole thing down. Don't laugh, I did zap my laptop with static electricity once and shut it off. So I'm surfing and catching up with some of my favourite blogs when I got to Sandie's. Have I told you lately that I'm glad we're buddies? Sandie has written in her latest blog entry that things clicked after reading somethings on mine and Devon's blogs. Devon and I are on opposite sides of the globe with no chance of connecting in the real world but managed to get thrown together in an online course, we've been cyberbuddies ever since. Sandie I picked up in cyberspace as well, through ROMAUS, and she's rapidly becoming just as important as Devon. Devon always seems to be able to understand or sympathize with me and have me bouncing back in no time. Now Sandie has done the same without even knowing it. After commenting about how we inspired her to get back to the flow of things I was suddenly confronted with what I've known all along. I'm not a conformer. No way, no how. In fact, box me in and I'll come out throwing punches. I realised I've been sitting here doing exactly what I'd been saying not to. The old so as I say not as I do. Only I'm an idiot because I've never done anything any one's said, just ask my mother, so why the hell have I suddenly started trying to plot and plan?
Temporary insanity!
So I'm taking my own advise and letting it flow. And guess what? Those pesky people in my head just came out to play. I've managed to put down 2 pages of A4 notebook in ten minutes! Writer's cramp and shorthand are well and truly my friends. The thing is, it's not from anything I'm already working on. Nope. Whole new story. So, do I leave it and head back when Nano starts of do I keep going because that's what works best for me? And what about during Nano? Do I work on a few different stories, like normal, or do I attempt to focus on one? Remember that river analogy?
I will say this. I'm going to allocate time. Time to read and review, time to read for fun and time for writing. What? Oh yeah, time for family. As long as I spend the right amount of time on everything I should be fine. And seeing how I'm really good at going with the flow, it'll be easy to work around the fact that those pesky people have come out to play at 10:30 at night.
Here's hoping that the flow flows because time certainly isn't going to stop.

If it were not for hope, the heart would break. (Thomas Fuller)



  1. Hi Rachel
    Thank you for being my buddy as well. I'm feeling so liberated today I wrote 3,388 words today. Yah Me, I'm back with my characters and loving every minute of it and I own it all to you and Devon so thank you, thank you and thank you again.
    Your friend

  2. Oh, so that's what my problem is... the fourth P!!!

    My advice for NaNo would be to chose one project and stick with it. I'll let you in on a little secret - the mss I'm going to be working on, I started for the High Five contest and so I already have about 2500 words - but I'm not going to count that in my 50000.

  3. Oh, that dreaded last "P"! It's easy to do. BUT we know now not to fight the natural way that we write. It is better to be all over the place than nowhere! I'll be writing all morning tomorrow (night time for you, Rachel!) while waiting for the refrigerator repair man-my life is so exciting. I can't wait to see who comes out to play in my head tomorrow (and they better come out- I've got a four hour window to wait in!).

  4. I am really really familiar with the 4th P. In fact, I'm a master at it! Which is why Nanowrimo is so good for me. A writing community pushing me, competition, and a deadline imposed from outside. Oh,and those 'winner's certificates' look pretty good on my cubicle wall at work.