Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ready! Set! Go!

Nooo.... Wait!
I'm not ready. I've changed my mind, I know, nothing new there, but I have. I want to write a different story. Well I'm gunna and you can't stop me. So there! (do I sound like a two year old?)
The new title is up on the Nano site. Yep, On a Wing and a Prayer. At least that what I think I'm calling it. It'll do for now.
Everyone is nervous, especially all us virgin Nano participants. We're all madly sending good luck email to the loop, going no-mail on our e-groups and updating our blogs. If fact one has even gone as far as to say she's not available for anything until Dec 1. I'm with her on that. Don't ring me, don't email me, oh, no, hang on, if you're a publisher but all means ring me, email me. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere. Well, I am, we're off to Phuket next week but I'll take my phone. I'd hate to miss THAT call.
Okay, so we're all straight on what's happening. That's good. Now if I could just remember.....
I know I'll write it down. Stick it to the wall in front of me. There, now I won't forget what's going on. All right, now for the good bit. Writing. Lots and lots of writing.
50,000 words in 30 days.
We can and will do it.
I'll leave you with the sign I think I'll put on the office door. Actually, I can't decide which one so I might rotate them so people know I'm still alive in here.

Out of my mind back in 30 days.
Out to lunch, back in an hour.



  1. You will soooooooooooo be published! You already make me laugh whenever you post.

    Good luck to you too! Hand-holding much appreciated.

  2. Best of luck! Before you know it the 50,000 words will be on your pages. Perhaps your sign could read...Out of my comfort zone. Be back in 30 days. If not, come looking for me.